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 Figurative - Woman With Roses 20x16  $2500 Figurative - Athena 36x48  $7000 Figurative - Indian Princess 72x36  $9000 Figurative - Roman lady 30x24  $5500 Figurative - Spanish Shawl 40x30  $6500
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Woman With Roses 20x16 $2500
 Figurative - Woman With Roses 20x16  $2500
Athena 36x48 $7000
 Figurative - Athena 36x48  $7000
Indian Princess 72x36 $9000
 Figurative - Indian Princess 72x36  $9000
Roman lady 30x24 $5500
 Figurative - Roman lady 30x24  $5500
Spanish Shawl 40x30 $6500
 Figurative - Spanish Shawl 40x30  $6500

When you look at the picture of a loved one it does not feel as though you are seeing an empty photo.  You feel for them and see them for who the really are, the person you know and love.  Gregory paints far more then the mere exterior for a portrait but somehow captures the light and life that is within.

This small group of female figures shows the elegance and introspectiveness of a woman with the soft tones, beautiful reflective light and averted eyes.