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 Tonalist - Lake Orta 48x24 $6500 Tonalist - Scandalous 24x48  $6500 Tonalist - Joeys Girl 15x30 $4500 Tonalist - Lemonade Vendor 24x30 $5500 Tonalist - Street Musicians 16x20 $3500 Tonalist - Juliets Balcony 36x24 $6500 Tonalist - Venice Canal 30x15 $4500 Tonalist - The Graces 20x16 $3500
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Lake Orta 48x24 $6500
 Tonalist - Lake Orta 48x24 $6500
Scandalous 24x48 $6500
 Tonalist - Scandalous 24x48  $6500
Joeys Girl 15x30 $4500
 Tonalist - Joeys Girl 15x30 $4500
Lemonade Vendor 24x30 $5500
 Tonalist - Lemonade Vendor 24x30 $5500
Street Musicians 16x20 $3500
 Tonalist - Street Musicians 16x20 $3500
Juliets Balcony 36x24 $6500
 Tonalist - Juliets Balcony 36x24 $6500
Venice Canal 30x15 $4500
 Tonalist - Venice Canal 30x15 $4500
The Graces 20x16 $3500
 Tonalist - The Graces 20x16 $3500

This is the full group of current tonalist paintings. They are done in black and white, then sepia colors are glazed over them in different areas and at different amounts.

At the time that impressionism was first imagined, photography was invented. A mechanical representation of reality in black and white photos was the only image for over 100 years, until color photography came about. To people a black and white painting automatically implies historical themes because of that era of black and white.

By doing an impressionistic painting in sepia colors, the image becomes a painting about historical images. It seems to become a painting about historical photos. A painting that only gives the impression of photo reality. To become an Art form about an Art form, these paintings ask the old question in a new way. What is Art?