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Calla_LilliesThe Celebration Show was a huge success for both Gregory and Matthew Sievers.  We greatly appreciate all of the support from new and past clients throughout our show and look forward to seeing you there again next year.  Now we have to get really busy in preparation for the summer market, which will be a great opportunity to see the most recent paintings from both Gregory and Matthew Sievers along with the most recent pieces placed in Sievers Gallery.
Artist Demonstration

GessoThe Process of Oil Painting differs from painter to painter and often includes certain customary steps. First, the artist prepares the surface.  Gregory Sievers' canvas is often a linen or cotton fabric. He usually prepares a wooden frame called a “stretcher.” Then the canvas is pulled across the frame and stapled firmly to the back edge.  The canvas pictured above however, was ordered and delivered in a  specific size, for a commissioned painting because of its large shape.

The Traveling Gallery

Both Gregory and Matthew are participating in art shows throughout the country this year. We would be delighted to see you at any of these exciting venues.

  • July 10-13 Matthew's work will be shown at the 16th annual Avon Fine Wine and Art Affair. Presented by the Thunderbird Artists
  • July 17-19 Matthew will also be participating in the Edwards 10th annual Fine Art Affair
  • July 25-26 Matt will be shown in the Boulder Festival of the Arts
  • January 16 kicks off the Celebration of Fine Art Show in Scottsdale, Arizona where you can see both father and son painting and displaying their most recent works.
CHICAGO One of a Kind Fine Art Show
December Sowing of Gregory and Matthew Sievers
Recent Work
Heaven_Ward 72x36 $5900 Painted at the Celebration of Fine Art show in Scottsdale Arizona this last week, these are two of the newest works of the Sievers.  The show is located in North Scottsdale off of Frankloyd Wright and the 101.  Both Gregory and Matthew Sievers are showing their work at this amazing event that runs now until the end of March.  Be sure to come through the “Big White Tent” and visit with them while you see the newest creations from the artists.  Also every Thursday evening during the duration of the show they will be in the gallery to visit with you and talk about their exciting new artwork.