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Matthew Sievers developed an early passion for expression through art.  He began studying at his father’s knee.  As the son of the accomplished artist, Gregory Sievers, he was exposed to many different forms of art from a very young age.  Matt was able to learn from his father’s experience and passion for art.  His father was able to provide him with creative suggestions and encouragement that inspired him to develop a style that is truly unique.   As a young man Matt had a natural talent for drawing and loved sketching various figures and objects.  Now as he has grown more as an artist he has developed a passion for color, composition, and expression.  He has worked to master these principals through oils.

Matt studied art at Brigham Young University-Idaho and Utah State University.  His courses enabled him to experiment with various media and subjects.  He also has had the opportunity to study the art of different cultures while traveling in many parts of Africa and Europe.  Despite studying art formally Matt claims his greatest education has been from his father. 

Matthew's unique, recognizable style includes spontaneous brushwork and liberal use of the palette knife, playful compositions that celebrate on a colorful canvas.   

HIs impasto technique makes the light reflect in a particular way, giving him additional control over the play of light on the painting. Secondly, it adds expressiveness to the painting, the viewer being able to notice the strength and bold application by the artist. Third, impasto can push a painting into a three dimensional sculptural rendering.


Creating art has become exciting and  rewarding for Matt.  He loves being able to explore new ideas and challenge himself.